Modern Primitive Exchange: Shelter


What is shelter and what can it be in the future?  This class examines various forms of imaginative thinking and actual construction of shelters within the frame of a broader discussion about art, sustainability and activism.  Students will then execute their own original projects.  Shelter can mean many different things and we will not be constrained to practical habitats for humans.  Short reading responses in the form of blog posts will be required as well as original projects.  No experience or skills in making art is necessary.  Students will coalesce into teams to execute their projects.  This is part one of a four-part investigation into what of the so-called modern (technology, networks, efficiency) and what of the  so-called primitive (hands-on, materials-based, analog, simple) will be useful for a contemporary ecology.  Opportunities for exhibition and publication of projects.  Open to all university departments and majors, as well as ESF.


Download Shelter Book Here