Modern Primitive Exchange: Food

For students interested in food, sustainability, art and activism.  This class will investigate current issues related to how we produce, distribute and consume food.  We will look at work that artists, writers and activists have done to call attention to these issues and imagine alternative futures.  How have these projects been effective or ineffective?  All class participants will make their own projects in the course of the semester either in teams or individually, as well as be responsible for several blog entries.  No formal papers, required.  No experience or skills in making art is necessary.  This is part one of a four-part investigation into what of the “modern” (technology, networks, efficiency) and what of the “primitive” (hands-on, materials-based, analog, simple) will be useful for a contemporary ecology.  Opportunities for exhibition and publication of projects.  Open to all university departments and majors, as well as ESF.